May 18, 2022

DNS Africa

. . . within and beyond, online.

Kenya DNS Forum, 2021.

In a ground breaking Webinar, Kenya stepped up its position in the NDS Industry by becoming the 4th African Country to kick-start its DNS Forum to address the challenges and celebrate its success.

With over a hundred participants, it hosted Four (4) Panel discussion that allowed experts across the globe to make thier contribution to wards the growth, development and sustenance of the DNS Industry in Africa, with focus on the ccTLD, KeNIC.

The .ke TLD is regarded as one of the unique identifiers all over the world, especially due to the fact that its a suffice. Yours truly had identified this Top Five Domain Identifiers in 2013.

The Webinar was graced by Government Representatives, Business Advocates, Internet Experts and Enthusiast.

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