May 18, 2022

DNS Africa

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DNSSEC: Forum births Academy.

The Nigeria DNS Forum was slated to start last year, 2021. However, obstacles within the Digital Frontier proved a nuisance, against all reasons. DNS Africa reached out to stakeholders and got the needed response to forge ahead.

Fortunately, partners such as the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), Internet Society (ISOC) Nigeria Chapter, MicroBoss Limited, Technological Development and Growth (TechDevGro), Association for Information Communication Technology Local Content (ICTLOCA), to mention a few, stood firmly to ensure the birth of the Nigeria DNS Academy with over Fifty (50) Applications.

Facilitators were:

YAYazid AkhanoICANNRepublic of Benin
PMPaul MucheneICANNKenya
PRPhillip RegnauldNSRCDenmark
AMAbdul Awal MohammedNSRCBangladesh
AAAlain AinaNSRCRepublic of Benin
Cross Section of Facilitators for the workshop co-sponsored for the Nigeria DNS Academy, the Internet Society Nigeria Chapter and DNS Africa. We would also like to thank the NSRC for their continued gracious support.

In concluding the Four (4) Days training, Facilitators hoped the successful candidates would put to use the skills acquired for signing.

DNS Africa appreciates the support of all stakeholders such as MicoBoss Limited, KOBOKINGs Limited, Community NetHUBs (CN) Africa, Culture Games Africa (CUGA), etc that ensured the success of the training.

Historically, this is the first DNS Academy in Africa. DNS Africa organized the Academy to help build capacity and keep the pace in Technology, not just in Nigeria but for Africans.